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Even if your car is brand new, there is always a chance to stop working properly. And we don’t mean the breaking of a tire or a somewhat random cause. Sometimes other instances may occur with no fault of the driver but they can immobilize the vehicle, such as battery failure, defective ignition, bad condition of the cooling system or gas pump or other minor electrical faults.

In such cases, where your car is immobilized and you can not fix it, we can intervene and provice the first aid to your car.

If the fault or damage is not repairable on site then the Roadside Assistance Anagnostopoulos can transfer your vehicle to your house or service company.

We provide direct and guaranteed roadside assistance, 24 hours a day to areas of Attica (Athens, Aigaleo, Piraeus) and Evia (Chalkida).

The long-term trust of our customers is testament to the reliability and the speed of service we offer.

The road assistance we provide is based on private vehicles, the professional staff and excellent expertise.